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Shell "Malampaya CGS"

Client: Shell Philippines
Other Partners:

Concrete Gravity Structure (CGS)
141feet (43meters) water depth
112m x 70m rectangular caisson

Project Team:
Brown & Root
Malampaya CGS Alliance (John Holland, Arup Energy, Van Oord ACZ)

Subic Bay, Philippines (onshore)
South China Sea, Philippines (offshore Palawan Island)

Supply of materials
Shop prefabrication
Site installation including FRP welding

Systems Selected for FIBERBOND®:
Ballast system
4,400feet (1,341meters) of piping, up to 42" (1050NB)
ABS-type approved products
100psig (6.9bar) design, 150psig (10.3bar) hydrotest

FIBERBOND® selected for first CGS to be constructed in the Philippines
Homogenously conductive material chosen for maximum electrical conductivity
Installed warranty on entire system
Operating since 1999