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BP "Clair"

Client: BP
Other Partners: 24.0% ConocoPhillips, 19.4% ChevronTexaco, 18.7% Enterprise, 9.3% Amerada Hess

Integrated Topsides Deck, 4-leg Jacket
490feet (150meters) water depth

Project Team:
Mustang Engineering (Engineering)
Amec (Shipyard)
Burntisland Fabrication (Seawater Filter Skid)
Semco Technology (Deluge Skid)
Kvaerner (Minox Deoxygenation Skid)
Forsyths (Piping Skids)
TECP (GRP Installation Subcontractor)

Tyne & Wear, England U.K. (onshore)
Stavanger, Norway (Minox skid)
Block 206, west of Shetland (offshore)

Supply of materials
Shop prefabrication
Site installation including FRP welding
Installation of supports, installation of flanges, and commissioning assistance

Systems Selected for FIBERBOND®:
Firewater, firewater deluge, seawater
9,700feet (2,956meters) of piping, up to 20" (500NB)
ABS-type approved products
232psig (16.0bar) design, 348psig (24.0bar) hydrotest

Installed warranty on entire system
Operating since 2004